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       The law firm RASLEGAL has been active on the Slovak market since beginning of 2008. Its founder - JUDr. Slavomír Rabatin was a part of a prestigious law firm since 1999, first as an assistant of the founding partner through his studies at university, later as a trainee and after his exams at the Slovak Bar Association as an associated Attorney at Law allowing him to cooperate on challenging cases with experienced team of attorneys, that have been active in Slovak advocacy since its early beginning. The duration of JUDr. Slavomír Rabatin's legal practice represents a solid and sufficient base for obtaining experience and practice in provision of legal services to clients.

      Whereas we are convinced that no attorney is able to cover all areas of law on the highest professional level, the aim of the law firm RASLEGAL is to create a team of lawyers specialized on the particular areas of law, that enables us to provide complex legal services to our clients on the highest professional level. Expansion, education and training of our team is a never ending and developing process in order to deal successfully with the most difficult and challenging legal matters. The team of our law firm consists of attorneys providing legal services independently in full extent, trainees providing legal services in cooperation with experienced attorneys as well as of administrative personnel that enables us to assign the tasks when providing legal services in order to have them fulfilled as soon as possible on the highest professional level and by saving the costs of our client.

       However, provision of legal services by the law firm RASLEGAL is not the last step. Besides the ongoing cooperation with a prestigious law firm, that enables us to create an extensive team of lawyers if necessary, the law firm RASLEGAL provides legal consulting in close cooperation with patent agents, tax consultants and auditors, as well as with notaries, bailiffs and interpreters within the Slovak Republic, which practice and experience is verified by our long term cooperation. Therefore our client has no problem with finding institutions, which cooperation is necessary for meeting the demands of our client.

       The law firm RASLEGAL provides legal services within the Slovak legislation as well as within the European Union legislation in Slovak and Czech language and in English on the highest professional level, including translation of documents related to the particular legal matter (without the official translation clause). Should our legal services be provided in other language than stated above, the law firm RASLEGAL is also able to provide legal service in other languages in close cooperation with a translation and interpretation agency.

       The law firm RASLEGAL follows and respects all legal provisions regulating provision of legal services to clients including the ethic principles of attorneys.

       The law firm RASLEGAL entered into Damage Liability Insurance Contract for covering damages caused by the provision of legal services up to the amount of 1,5 million EUR.

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RASLEGAL, s.r.o. - Františkánske nám. 3, 811 01 Bratislava, Tel: +421/2/5441 2329, Fax: +421/2/5441 0544,
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