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       Remuneration for provision of legal services is based on mutually profitable agreement, difficultness and characteristics of the provided legal services. Since the main goal of the law firm RASLEGAL is provision of legal services in order to meet all demands of our client, we always discuss the remuneration with our client personally, what creates more space for setting the remuneration amount suitable for both parties. Forms of remuneration are determined by the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Col. on remuneration and expenses of attorneys for provision of legal services as amended /Regulation No. 655/2004 Col./. The basic forms of remuneration is tariff remuneration in the amount stated by Regulation No. 655/2004 Col. depending upon the value of the subject matter of the provided legal services or remuneration in the amount stated by mutual agreement or remuneration based on the number of hours of work purposefully spent on the particular legal matter, respectively remuneration in the form of a lump sum per each month for provided legal services. The amount and form of the lump sum is stated by agreement with the client in compliance with the amount of expected work in order to secure that the remuneration paid by the client will be a purposeful and reasonable cost in favour of the client.

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