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       In order to improve provision of legal services to our client the law firm RASLEGAL tries to create a team of lawyers specialized on particular areas of law, that enables us to provide complex legal services to our clients on the highest professional level.

       Specialized activities of the law firm RASLEGAL include establishment and creation of corporations and legal consulting related to their further existence including dealing with employment issues, communication with relevant institutions a representation in tax, social welfare and Commercial Register proceedings. In addition to these matters the law firm RASLEGAL provides legal services in full extent in Commercial Law, Civil Law and Employment Law. An attorney specialized in Criminal Law is also a part of our team of lawyers. The extent of legal services provided by our law firm represents a complex legal and advisory support for local and foreign corporations and individuals. Part of our legal services is also representation of our clients in court proceedings, administration proceedings as well as representation before state and public authorities.

       Our law firm also gained experience by providing legal services to clients active in the building industry - preparation and execution of contractual documentation including negotiations leading to entering into contracts, representation in court proceedings regarding claims related to building regulations, in the field of software application implementation, transport and banking by judicial and out of court debt recovery.

       Provision of legal services in all areas of law is obvious.

RASLEGAL, s.r.o. - Františkánske nám. 3, 811 01 Bratislava, Tel: +421/2/5441 2329, Fax: +421/2/5441 0544,
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